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Omg a dreamjob! What will I be doing?

May 29, 2017

Hey there guys! Maybe you have already read about the very exciting news that I am moving to Amsterdam this week, and that I will start a new job. This is going to be my very first job as a non-freelancer, so I am super nervous. However, the team is SO nice and modern, and the work is exactly what I love to do, so I can’t wait to see how everything goes this week :) *inserting celebration pictures*

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Out of Office!

June 8, 2016

* Out of Office *

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been very active on my social media and my blog lately, I’ve been so busy! First I was in the Netherlands for three weeks, and I had the most terrible internet connection EVER. Answering mails, comments, and other messages went soooo slow, and I’m not the most patient person in the world so I kinda slacked answering, upss. BUT! Now I’m back in Barcelona, my internet is on 100% and I’m gonna catch up, pinky promise!

However, many of you might not even know this, but I am graduating from my master this month! I’m studying Art Direction and Creative Advertising and it’s great! But my deadline is by the end of this month so I have to #workworkwork it until my final project is *perfect*. So I’m gonna be Out of Office this month! Here is how I feel about myself at the moment:

Out of Office To all of you who are also struggling with exams and projects right now: you can do it! Let’s #werkit together

Lots of Love,


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10 Ways to spot a Burnout and 11 Ways to handle it

February 24, 2016

Hey everyone,

As you might have noticed, the fashion week season is in full blossom, yet I am hanging around in my comfy home in sunny Barcelona. In case you might wonder why: for the past few weeks – or even months –  I’ve been under a lot of pressure and I decided to take it easy this season. I’ve been doing some research and I came to the conclusion that I’m on the edge of a burnout due to an overload of expectations, workload, pressure and perfectionism.

“But you’ve been doing great! What happened?” Exactly, I’ve been doing more than great all these weeks. In fact, I’ve been doing SO great that my current workload is around 75 hours a week, not counting the other hours I spend thinking about work on the side (I’m not even joking, I’ve been keeping track of my hours). It would be lovely to already earn enough money to hire people to take on a part of that workload, but as long as I’m not there yet, I’m on my own. And since I want my work to be top quality, I will not stop working until it’s perfect. Competition is though, can you blame me?

I was doubting whether I should write about this, or even let anyone know that I might have issues since the world of social media is supposed to be perfect. I neither wanted to give the idea that I’m trying to get compliments or attention with this: I simply figured that since my blog is supposed to be about me helping people with my personal experiences, it would be hypocrite of me to leave out the negative things. And who knows, maybe I can actually help someone by talking about my own experience. Especially in the world of creative freelancers I am sure there are more of you out there that are on the edge of a burnout, since we never seem to be able to stop working. So this one is for you: let’s get better together! In the video I talk about everything you need to know, but in case you want to read more details, check out the text below:  Continue Reading

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My New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2016

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !!!

It´s time for 2016 everyone, out with the old and in with the new. If I take a quick glance at my 2015 I´m amazed by everything that happened in one year. In the beginning of the year I was still travelling the world as a fulltime model, in summer I realized I wanted a new challenge in my life, by September I launched my very own Fashion & Creativity Blog and in October I left my friends and family behind in the Netherlands to move in with my boyfriend in Barcelona to start a new Master’s Degree and work on my career. BOOM!

I can’t help but be very excited about what 2016 will bring for me, which memories will I look back on when it’s 01-01-2017? It’s funny how it seems like time is going so fast, but also so very slow at the same time. All I know is that we have to take advantage of every day, remember: we have the same 24 hours in a day that Beyoncé has! This brings me to my New Year’s Resolutions, what would I like to change about myself in 2016?

  1. Be more Organized: since I moved to Barcelona I am still trying to find my rhythm
  2. Work less, but more Efficiently: I’m planning on scheduling ‘blogdays’ and ‘modeldays’ to spend enough time on both of my careers.
  3. Take more time to Relax: it’s hard because fashion never stops!
  4. Become 100% Vegetarian: In Spain it’s hard to find many vegetarian options so I still eat fish sometimes… but it will become one of my projects!
  5. Work Out more Regularly: because of my messy schedule my workout is usually not my first priority. That has to change though!

What do you think about my New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have any of your own? Give me some inspiration in case I forgot a couple of great ideas!