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10 Signs you are in a Model Apartment

March 5, 2017

As a model you stay in different model apartments all over the world. This makes you able to gain a lot of new friends who are all doing same thing as you. It’s very convenient to stay in a model home if it’s your first time in the city you’re going to, because the girls that are staying there can show you around and help you with everything. Also, you don’t have to find a place to stay by yourself, because your agency arranges everything for you. I’ve met such amazing people by living in model apartments and I have really good experiences, but there are also some typical signs that show that you’re in a model apartment. Keep reading! Continue Reading

Beauty Guru Model Stories

The reasons why models never wear make-up

October 12, 2016

Like every other girl I used to love wearing make-up before I became a full-time model: bye bye dark circles, hello pretty cheekbones! Am I right? Every now and then I did some shoots and I absolutely LOVED to walk around with the shoot make-up for the rest of the day because I felt so pretty. However, as soon as I started my full time modelling career after university, I quickly started to understand why the rest of the models I was hanging out with were never wearing make-up. Continue Reading

The Styling Files

Model Tips with Peter Coulson (for Models AND Photographers!)

April 25, 2016

Last weekend I had lots of fun shooting with Peter Coulson during his workshop on model photography at Kube Studios in Barcelona! The photography lovers might already be familiar with his work, but in case you are not, it’s definitely worth checking out! I’ve been a huge fan of his work for years already, so I was very curious what he would be teaching me and the photographers about modelling. You too? Keep Reading! Continue Reading