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Fashion Editorial: Beyond the Walls

December 12, 2016

“Which stories are hiding in those walls?”. I often wonder while standing in front of a beautiful building. Generations come and go, with architecture as their silent observers. There are so many untold stories created behind our walls, some of which create an unexpected impact while others are simply passing by. Continue Reading

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New Editorial in C-Heads Magazine! My top 10 fav pictures

October 31, 2016

I can’t believe how well my tour has been going! After my editorial for Point Seven Mach in London, I now scored an exclusive publication in C-Heads Magazine during my stay in Amsterdam! Go me! The pictures down below are my top 10 favorites of the shoot I did with Jaimie Peeters. Not all of them are published in the editorial so I still wanted to share them with you guys! :) Continue Reading

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Spring Fashion Editorial: Are you ready for these Trends?

May 4, 2016

Hi guys!

The sun is starting to show his face, the sky is getting blue, temperatures are rising and there is lots and LOTS of new spring fashion to discover! 

Not that long ago I had a photoshoot with Ramon Marques for a spring fashion editorial, and I LOVE the results, so I just wanted to share them with you :)

Spring Fashion Editorial5

Boohyah, who else loves the Rock Princess vibes?!

Spring Fashion Editorial4

The stylist Mireia Rovira did a great job on the combination of unexpected elements, which I think is so important if you want to create a unique style! As you can see we will be having lots of yellow this spring. Alongside with shimmers, floral prints and statement accessories! What do you think, are you ready for these trends? 

Spring Fashion Editorial3 Spring Fashion Editorial

A little bit of surrealism never hurt nobody, right? ;) Fun note: the stylist made the cap herself because she couldn´t find what she had in mind… 10 points for creativity! 

Spring Fashion Editorial1

Anyways, I hope you guys like the pictures! What have you been up to lately? This week I will be very busy with meetings for new exciting collaborations, and also I will be working on organizing a trip back to the Netherlands! Salone della Moda (Rotterdam Fashionweek) is coming up by the end of this month and I will be there! Also I will be running around Amsterdam for some days, so if you want to meet me, leave a message! Now I´m going to get dressed and WORK IT at the gym, because taking care of your body also has to happen in between all the busy work work work stuff :)

Lots of Love,


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Get Inspired! Creative Fashion Photography

October 18, 2015

Hey guys!

While scrolling down my Facebook timeline today, I found this amazing fashion editorial for Harper’s Bazaar US November 2015. Not only is the fashion gorgeous and would I love to wear every single design, the whole team did an amazing job! However, most of my admiration goes out to the beautiful model Sasha Luss, like seriously… how does she manage balancing on those stilts, give badass dynamic poses and look freakin’ #flawless at the same time?! You have my respect girl… keep it up!

sasha-luss-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-for-harpers-bazaar-us-novemb_phixrsasha-luss-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-for-harpers-bazaar-us-novemb_phixr (1)sasha-luss-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-for-harpers-bazaar-us-novemb_phixr (2)sasha-luss-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-for-harpers-bazaar-us-novemb_phixr (3)sasha-luss-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-for-harpers-bazaar-us-novemb_phixr (7)sasha-luss-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-for-harpers-bazaar-us-novemb_phixr (6)sasha-luss-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-for-harpers-bazaar-us-novemb_phixr (5)sasha-luss-by-jean-baptiste-mondino-for-harpers-bazaar-us-novemb_phixr (4)

Publication: Harper’s Bazaar US November 2015
Model: Sasha Luss
Photographer: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Fashion Editor: Martine de Menthon
Hair: Paolo Ferreira
Make-up: Tatsu Yamanaka

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Hello Autumn! Celebrating a New Start…

September 26, 2015

As the leafs are falling down, everyone is starting to get back to reality after the lazy summer months. I have been working on the launch of my blog all summer long and for me, the arrival of Autumn represents the arrival of a new start, a new chapter of my life. Just like the autumn leafs I am leaving my old ‘tree’ behind to fly free and change my colors (let’s skip the falling-down-on-the-streets-and-die-slowly part for the sake of the cute metaphor okay?).

Anyhow, I know not everyone is super excited about Autumn since it means it will start getting cold again, but look on the bright side: now we can wear so much more clothes! It’s beautiful outside! HOT COCO WILL BE A THING AGAIN! How much more reasons to celebrate do you need?!

After my Summer Salute  earlier this week, it’s time to welcome the Autumn months! I am sharing an editorial with you guys which I actually shot a couple of months ago. However, it has such an Autumn feel to it that I decided to save it for the right moment because I really love the pictures!

What do you like about Autumn and why? Comment down below and spread the positive vibes!

Lots of Love,

Hello Autumn! Celebrating a New Start… (1) Hello Autumn! Celebrating a New Start… (2) Hello Autumn! Celebrating a New Start… (4) Hello Autumn! Celebrating a New Start… (3)

Hello Autumn! Celebrating a New Start… (5)
Photography: Rodney Deane
Styling: Roxane Mercerat
Muah: Making Faces Barcelona