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November 5, 2017

I was seventeen when I moved abroad for the first time, to London for a short period, all by myself. Since then I’ve lived in and traveled to several other countries, sometimes where I knew people, sometimes not. I would like to tell you guys my story, share why I highly recommend traveling / moving abroad on your own and in which ways it changed me as a person.

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Motivation Monday: My Bloopers!

October 19, 2015

Today I want to share an important message with you guys! I have been getting many admiring comments throughout the years which I think are very flattering, but also bother me in some way, so I would like to get it out of my system. I hear it all the time… people are so impressed with me apparently! I am travelling the world all on my own, I am chasing my dreams wherever they take me, I am slowly but surely building up my career, I am taking many risks and diving into the deep on a weekly basis…  and actually, I am doing pretty well for myself! Sure, all of these things are amazing and I couldn’t be happier about my life right now, but then again… literally ANYONE could chase their dreams with the right amount of dedication and determination!


You thought all of my progress comes from being flawless and fearless? I doubt myself daily, wondering if I will be good enough and whether people will like my work. Honestly, most of the time I don’t even know what I’m doing! To prove it, I put together a fun bloopers video which shows the result of my first experiments with vlogging… far from #Flawless I tell you!

My Bloopers: 

Train your Mind

Personally I am quite strict for myself when I am insecure, but perhaps my mind-training will give you guys some new ways to think about your own hauntings. Whenever I am feeling down and there is nothing left of my confidence, I give myself two options:  OR I’m going to sit in a corner and cry about it, OR I get over myself and do this f*cking sh*t! Because let’s face it: will you ever make progress if you act insecure? OF COURSE NOT.

So… lift your pretty ass and turn on your Warrior Mode: try to switch off your emotions and think rationally. What do I need to do to reach my goals? Which steps do I need to take? Sometimes all you need is to keep going and find your dedication & determination again… dreams don’t come true overnight and that’s okay, it’s a process!

Obviously everyone messes up every now and then. The point is to learn from your bloopers in order to grow higher than ever! Instead of being disappointed or embarrassed, try to find out why things went wrong and how you can improve yourself for the next time. Like this you will be able to look positively to all of your experiences: the Good AND the Bad. What was that saying again? Sometimes you Win, sometimes you Learn. With a positive approach to your experiences you will gain more confidence over time, tested and approved!

Are you ready to turn on your Warrior Mode after these tips? What is your trick to get your confidence back? Share your experiences with the rest of us!

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PFW Streetstyle: Statement Day

October 2, 2015

A skater skirt with knee-high socks and black derby shoes is ALWAYS a good combination! I decided to make the minimalistic ‘cute & classy’ look a bit more interesting with a statement shirt: more personality = more fun!

Anyone who knows me even just a little bit knows that I’m a big fan of power  women: strong women who follow their dreams and work hard to get there… you have my infinite respect! This outfit is my tribute to you, and actually it has a little story to it. I got this limited edition T-shirt while visiting a Cosmopolitan event in Amsterdam some months ago, it was all about the empowerment of women and I met some amazing and inspiring people there. They organized several reading around the topic ‘Confidence’. It got me thinking about what this word actually means to me.

For me confidence is not about not having any doubts, it’s about having doubts but trusting in your own capacities to reach your goal. I had more than enough doubts about becoming a fashion reporter…

I am not schooled in fashion, I don’t have any experience (yet), there are so many professionals out there, what if I will make a fool out of myself? Did those doubts stop me from trying it anyway? Hell no!




  •  Can I write English? Yes I can
  •  Can I give an opinion about fashion? Most definitely
  •  Can I learn how to improve my skills? Duhh

Seems legit… let’s do this! I guess in this situation I would classify myself as a power woman, and to be honest: I really like to think so! How would you describe confidence or a power woman? Share your