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Highlights FashionClash Festival

July 13, 2016

Right after the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, it was time to take a flight to the Netherlands for the FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht! During this 4-day festival over more than 150 young fashion designers and performing)artists from 30 different countries were given a platform for their work. How amazing is that?! Continue Reading

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Paris Fashion Week Highlights

February 5, 2016

Oui Oui, Paris! Last week it was time for some Haute Couture: the crème de la crème of the fashionworld. What could a girl want more? Amazing people to meet, a beautiful city to visit and of course lots of luxurious fashion to see! Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time this week so I only visited a couple of shows and presentations, but it was so much fun! Let’s check out what I have been up to shall we?:)

The first day it was immediately a non-stop rush of visiting shows and presentations. My favorite shows of that day were Stéphane Rolland and Georges Chakra, who I was able to interview! Here is a quick backstage shot:


Who is that BlondeAs you can see I am channeling my inner 70’s with this gorgeous all black outfit! I was wearing an amazing velvet suit with a long blazer and flared trousers from Ay Si Barcelona which I got from Passage BCN. Underneath it I am wearing a laced up body from which I personally love under any type of blazer or V-necks, it instantly makes the outfit look more fun and fashionable!

To finish up the outfit, I accessorized with a statement bag from Les Petites Jouers which I also got from Passage BCN, and a beautiful handmade necklace from Chris van den Elzen which perfectly blends in with my laced up body.








The next day it was great to see some Dutch representation during Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week with the collection of Ilja Visser! The designs were all based around the concept of skin, which resulted in quite some interesting looks. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of our interview but I can tell you one thing: she is so nice! Check out my look for the show:

Valentina Garí1 Valentina Garí

I felt very Parisian while wearing this asymetrical dress from Valentina Garí in combination with a beige coat from Maria Roch, both designers from Barcelona! It’s a very simple but classy look with the fedora hat from Mango and my lace shoes from Zara. What I love about the dress is the fact that it has a velvet detail, which makes the A-line dress more unique and perfect for the winter season! In the afternoon it was time to change up my outfit for a cocktail party and the last show of Paris Fashion Week: Guo Pei! This was seriously on of the best collections I have ever seen, they call her ‘the Chanel of Asia‘ for a reason!

Maria Roch1 Maria Roch

With this beautiful grey croptop sweater from Maria Roch I felt like creating a more casual streetstyle in combination with my highwaist grey skinny jeans from Zara and a pair of high heeled booties. I changed up my beloved fedora hat for my new beanie from New Age Rebel – my currently favorite brand from London. Last but not least I brought some color into my outfit with this adorable clutch from Sarah’s Bag, which I also got at Passage BCN. I love the text ‘Take me Anywhere‘ and how the lock of the clutch is a little toy car, I mean… who doesn’t love this?!

Guo PeiAlso check out some phone snapshots of the Guo Pei show and the snacking adventures with my super sweet friend Marine Miquél!

12669225_10153538518798250_1788126272_oNew Age Rebel New Age Rebel 1

The day after the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week is officially over, it’s time for the Haute Joaillerie presentations a.k.a. lots of beautiful shiny jewelry to gawk at! I was so happy to be invited to the Chanel presentation with Marcellous Jones: I had high expectations and they managed to surpass them!

This season Chanel experimented Chanel Jewelry
with seamless connections between the high quality diamonds without compromising the flexibility of the jewelry. The diamond shape of the stones is the motive troughout the collection: simple but classic. This necklace right here is the showstopper of the collection: it’s worth €2,8 million! Sponsors anyone? 


During the little tour through the collection I was asked whether I would like to try on one of the rings… they didn’t have to ask me twice! I never thought I could get this excited about jewelry but as soon as I put on this ring my heart started beating a bit faster. Chanel took my breath away!


Obviously I had a beautiful outfit ready for the occasion of seeing Chanel from close: a flowy navy blue dress from Maria Roch. It can also be worn as a vest but since I kept it closed it might as well function as a dress. Underneath I wore the same body from as I wore for my hippie look, isn’t it great to see how a different combination can completely change the style of an outfit?! I love how this outfit makes me feel super feminine and graceful as the dress wavers around in the wind, but also a little bit sexy because of the high split and the deep V-neck… A strong combination that gives me the best of both worlds!

Maria Roch 4Maria Roch 3














Last but not least I decided to hang around a bit longer than necessary in Paris to go out to party with friends, and do a photoshoot with Koffi Annipah! We made some quick shots in C-Heads Magazine Style, I am so curious about the results!

Anyway, that were the highlights of my Paris Fashion Week, I hope you liked it! Cheers :)

White Room Paris

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Amsterdam Fashion Week with Who is that Blonde!

January 20, 2016

Hey there lovelies! 

This weekend I flew to The Netherlands to attend the Amsterdam Fashion Week for a couple of days, and it was so much fun! What did I wear? With who did I hang out? Do I have some favorite designers? I will spill it all! 

Day 1: Saturday 

After sleeping for only two hours because I was catching my flight, I immediately got into a cute outfit and ran off to pick up my Press Bracelet! Btw, What do you think of my cute ‘Aloha’ Bracelet designed by Venessa ArizagaAMFW312562673_10153511989023250_550833715_o

My outfit is a minimalistic jumpsuit from Zara Knit combined with this beautiful statement bag from Les Petites Jouers, wich I scored at the cutest concept store in Barcelona: Passage BCN! I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with this bag, also Fashionblogger Susanne Bender spotted it and selected it as one of her favorites on her blog Bag at You! Finally, I did some detailed color matching with a bright red lipstick… that can literally never go wrong!

Bag at You

Another part that I love about going to Amsterdam Fashion Week is the fact that I meet so much amazing people that I haven’t seen in a long time since I moved to Barcelona! Obviously I had to make a picture with shoe designer Chris van den Elzen en Fashion Designer Judith van Vliet! Great seeing you guys :)

Catwalk Highlights: 

Today there were so many awesome shows to be seen! My personal favorites were Anbasja Blanken for her feminine style and interesting use of materials, Mick Keus because he knows how to rock his basics, and Esther Haamke because her show had a great energy and I absolutely love her inspiration: “Lucky“. However, there were some master pieces from Monique Collignon as well which I just have to show you!

Anbasja Blanken. Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Anbasja Blanken.
Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Esther Haamke. Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Esther Haamke.
Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Esther Haamke. Photocredits by Gavin de Boer

MICKKEUS. Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Monique Collignon. Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Monique Collignon. 
Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Monique Collignon. Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

So many amazing shows! If that wasn’t a great day yet, there was also lots of fun after the shows. Everyone got together with a drink to talk about the beautiful inspirations for the upcoming Winter/Fall season and relax. Fashionchick was also present and I had the pleasure to get to know one of them: vlogger/illustrator Amanda van Effrink! She was doing a report on the Amsterdam Fashionweek and I’m there too, check it out here


Day 2: Sunday

Sunday was a busy day! So many shows to see, so little time… I was barely able to eat anything in between because everything was thighly scheduled, but I most definitely didn’t get bored! Also I had the pleasure to meet up with lots of blogger friends who were joining me on the front row today, I was able to find one picture of myself during the FUTURA show

Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Since today was a very cold day I decided to make my coat the statement piece of my outfit. It’s a grey & yellow oversized jacket from Bless the Mess, which I also found at Passage BCN. This brand is known for having very detailed sleeve decorations, absolute showstoppers! I combined this coat with a embellished little black dress from Mango: it doesn’t steal the show from my coat, but emphasizes the best part… shiny details!

Catwalk Highlights: 

On sunday there was lots of variation to be seen on the runway: from cute ‘horizontal wear’ by SNURK with an adorable show filled with children, to an elegant yet powerful presentation by Tony Cohen. Also Oilily manages to put up an amazing performance every year, this time with the slogan ‘Different is Beautiful’.

SNURK Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

SNURK Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Tony Cohen Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Tony Cohen
Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Tony Cohen Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Tony Cohen
Photocredits: Gavin de Boer















Oilily Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Oilily. Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Photocredits: Gavin de Boer















After a long day it was time to make some bored selfies in the train and go to get some well deserved SLEEP

Bless the Mess

Day 3: Monday 

Last but not least! The new creative director of Amsterdam Fashion Week came op with something refreshing for the final day. Instead of programming shows, she decided to make space for creative, young ideas and show the work of some of the many talents that our country has to offer. Walking around, you could see many exhibitions and projects around the concept ‘The Future of Fashion’, which gives us an insight in what we might be dealing with in 10 years… so fascinating!

Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Photocredits: Gavin de Boer

Here is an example: the initiative Blond & Bieber created a type of paint which changes colors when exposed to Ultraviolet light, how incredible! Other ideas that were exhibited shared ideas on inter alia:  moving fashion on brainwaves, new production techniques, artistic criticism on the current our current fashion culture, and much more.

Maria Roch

Today I decided to go for a glam outfit with this beautiful body from New Age Rebel in combination with these classic shimmer trousers designed by Maria Roch… a sexy yet classy look! To make the look complete I wore a handmade necklace from Chris van den Elzen (yes, the shoe designer I mentioned earlier  also makes gorgeous jewerly!) and a clutch from Intermission Design.

Zalando Blue Monday

After visiting the exhibitions it was time for the best party to end Amsterdam Fashion Week! I got picked up by Gliziegal Amanda van Efferink to go to the Supperclub for Zalando’s Blue Monday Dinner. As soon as we got inside, we got the best Blue Cocktail I ever had and we sat down in the lounge area to  chill and talk. The dinner was perfect, as well as the music, the people and the atmosphere… I couldn’t have wished for a better end of the Amsterdam Fashion Week!

What do you guys think about my Amsterdam Fashion Week? Did you have any favorite designers? Which one of my outfits would you want to wear yourself? Don’t forget to leave a comment:)

Lots of Love,



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PFW Streetstyle: Heel Rockin’

October 4, 2015

Hey there Loves!

Today was an amazing day! Among others I visited the John Galliano show (first row!) for which I obviously had to wear some kickass outfit. Leaving the dresses and skirts behind for today, I decided to go for a more edgy look. With a grey high waisted skinny jeans, a red lumberjack and a black leather croptop from Ulrike Verding I created a comfy streetwise outfit. To make this look ready for fashion week, I put on these amazing designer shoes from Chris van den Elzen. The heels are in fact created with a 3D printer and it takes DAYS before he is able to finish them! These booties are insanely high so you can’t walk on them for too long, but it’s totally worth the pain, trust me!

Now I’ll be on my way to join a party in Matignon so see you tomorrow again!

Big kiss,