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Weekly Wonders: To Eat or Not to Eat

June 15, 2016

“Why can’t I have more discipline??” I wonder to myself while working my ass off in the gym. For the past 3 weeks I had been travelling so I didn’t sport and didn’t eat healthy… it was time to compensate.

I mean… what do you do when you are in lots of events with so much good food? How can you possibly say no? And don’t even get me started about spending time in my mom’s house, she knows exactly what kind of food I like, and she makes sure I’m getting plenty of it. Just to make sure I’m not getting too skinny, THANKS MOM lol.

Anyways, now I’m back in Barcelona and back on track! I’m trying hard to go to the gym three times a week and I eat salad and veggies every single day. I’m promising myself to work harder on my discipline because in July I will be travelling again for 2 weeks straight… will I be able to control myself? Challenge Accepted!

Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m going to grab myself a carrot :P

Lots of Love,


Life & Travel

#Bloggerlife: 10 Things all Bloggers have Experienced

June 12, 2016

I dare you to tell me it’s not true! #bloggerlife

1. Begging your boyfriend to take a picture of your outfit #instagramhusband

2. Your non-blogger friends go crazy with the amount of pictures you want to make of your coffee/lunch/dinner while you are hanging out.


3. Taking so long to make pictures of your food/drinks that it’s already cold when you are ready to dive in #thestruggleisreal

4. Stressing about your outfit for hours to create a ‘casual look’#bloggerlife

5. Not wanting to post a picture of that outfit because the colors don’t match your Instagram feed

6. Glamorous life? Spending most of your time answering mails and messages I would say!


7. Being in love with an outfit, but not being able to wear it to another event because you already posted a picture of it last week.


8. Walking around the city is a complete new experience: you see photoshoot spots everywhere!


9. Regretting the fact that you can’t multiply yourself #FOMO #events #noughsaid

10. We start thinking in #hasthags #instagramaddict #truestory


Did I miss something? What did you expect from the life of a blogger? Let me know in the comments!

#OOTD The Styling Files

#OOTD How to combine Spring Trends and look Flawless

March 13, 2016

Hi there!

I am especially excited about today’s #OOTD on Spring Trends because the pictures I made with Naelia Salas turned out so cool! What was supposed to be just a casual stroll around El Raval in Barcelona turned into Editorial-worthy photography, Go Team :) In case you are ever in Barcelona and you enjoy modern architecture, you should definitely check out the area around MACBA. It’s super central, right next to Las Ramblas!

Lynn 1s_phixr

So let’s get into my outfit! I challenged myself to combine two of the most popular upcoming Spring Trends : Romantic Lace and Sporty Deluxe. By layering two completely different styles and dresses you create an interesting contrast in your outfit: lenghts, materials, movements and ambients are clashing – but because of the neutral colors and minimalistic lines it works perfectly together.

Lynn 2s_phixr

Don’t you just love how the lace flows while walking?! It gives a sexy feminine touch to the ‘cool badass’ vibes from the sweaterdress and the booties.

Lynn 3s_phixr

Small tip: in case you want to try this look, you should definitely look for a sweaterdress which has an elastic in the bottom part of the dress… it just looks so much better! If you go for an A-line sweaterdress all the shapes become even more wide and it becomes unflattering. Oversized Comfy is cool, as long as the shapes are still structured. Lynn 5_phixr

Btw, did you notice that I am NOT wearing leggings and I actually felt the need to take my Sunglasses with me? There is actual SUNSHINE! As a Dutchie I am still trying to get used to the warmer climat advantages that Barcelona has to offer, and I am enjoying every minute of it! Every day when I wake up I look out of my window to find a bright blue sky wishing me a goodmorning… incredible! I am totally ready for this Spring/Summer Season :)

Lynn 6_phixr

Also, let’s take a look at my accessories! They are a very important part of the look since they are giving the ‘final touch’ to my Spring Trends vibes. As you are already used from me by now, the Fedora Hat can’t be missed in this look, just as a minimalistic silver ring. I love how the Sunglasses give a touch of color with the blue/green reflections, and they are awesome because they are made from recycled wood! Other fun fact: the wide black chocker I am wearing is actually ‘handmade’! All I did was buying 30cm of wide black elastic ribbon and applying a little button on it in order to attach the ends to each other, which cost me like… 50 cents? Once again a proof that it’s not necessary to waste all of your money on the latest trends, all you need is some creativity :)

Lynn 11_phixr

That was it! My Spring Trends Mix, I really enjoy this outfit and will be definitely wearing it a lot this Spring. I’m very curious what you guys think about the combination so leave a comment to let me know!

Lots of Love,


Shop the Look

Sweaterdress: Zara

Lace Dress: Zara (similar)

Sunglasses: Woodys Barcelona

Shoes: Marypaz

Life & Travel

Upcoming: Very Exciting News!

September 30, 2015

Today is the last day of my official ‘Launch Week Celebration’, it was amazing! I hope you enjoyed reading my articles as much as I loved writing them. It would be great to get some feedback from you guys, which blogs did you like and which ones do you think still need some improvement? I like to imagine we are making this journey together so please get in touch with me!

This brings me to the next subject: I am super happy to share some exciting news with you… my next steps as a young fashion blogger! Just one week after the official launch date,  ‘Who is that Blonde’ is going to the Paris Fashion Week as a Fashion Reporter, YES I KNOW IT’S SO COOL. When does the Paris Fashion Week start you ask? IT STARTED YESTERDAY ALREADY

Yes that’s right, I’m in Paris right now with a huge suitcase filled with fabulous outfits. I will be sharing my streetstyle looks on my blog every single day so if you need some cool fashion inspirations… I got you girl. Interested in the reports of the shows I will be visiting? They will be posted daily on Modelboard Magazine. At the end of the fashion week I will also post a recap of all the highlights on Who is that Blonde so you won’t miss a thing!

Wish me luck and ‘Au Revoir mes Chéries’ !

Avec toute ma tendresse,