Actually… Who IS that Blonde?

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In Short

Lynn likes writing, food (lots of it) and cuddling cute doggies on the street. tells the story of her life as a travelling fashion journalist and model, including all inevitable adventures that come with it.

The real question is… Who COULD that blonde be? My motto is “The Bigger the Dreams, the Bigger the Successes”. My opportunities are limitless!

Believe it or not, I didn’t grow up with my model looks, nor a good taste in style. On the inside, I’m still the geeky girl that was wearing braces in high school and was messing up… well… pretty much all the time.

Right now I am travelling around the world as a model and a fashion journalist, collecting as much experiences and adventures as possible. From luxurious villas with killer views, to secret waterfalls in the middle of nowhere: I will be taking you everywhere I go.

What are the newest hotspots (or the hidden treasures)? Which looks should I wear this week? And how do I make sure to look fresh and in shape while handling a busy schedule? I will be sharing my personal wonders and curiosities with you guys, because honestly… we’ve all been there. Haven’t we?

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Meet the team


Alex Artola

Every Blondie needs a Brownie!

Without our Operations Manager this team wouldn’t run as smoothly – for which we are eternally grateful. Besides making us laugh all the time, he is also pretty good at social media, marketing and communications. Alex prefers to stay away from the spotlight, but he is not getting out of this one;)

Demi Jonk Profile pic

Demi Jonk

Cuteness Alert!

This beautiful lady is currently travelling the world as a model. New York, Bali, London, Milan, Madrid… she has done it all. During her adventures, she will tell us everything about her best workout tips, hotspots, the life of a model and other cool stuff. Did you know she also vlogs?


Lonneke Bakker

Well, hello there!

Musician, writer, model and an amazing person.
This blonde definitely fits the squad!
Right now she is on a path to learn everything about happiness and she will be taking us with her. I don’t know about you, but we are definitely curious to see what she will discover!

Are you a #ladyboss? Would you like to share your stories on beauty, career, fashion or lifestyle? We are always looking for more power women to make our community grow! Contact me and maybe you are our next contributor.


"Working with Lynn is always a pleasure, she always bring 110% and a big smile on her face. Lynn is very open-minded which make it easier to exchange ideas and work creatively."

Naelia Salas – Photographer

"Lynn is, next to a very pretty young woman, intelligent, professional and sweet. Doing business with her is a pleasure. She always keeps her word and if she likes the brand she is very generous." 

Jolien Margry – Senior PR manager FUSE Communication

"We enjoy working with Lynn a lot! Besides being professional and kind, her style fits with polette: fresh, fun and sexy. It’s the perfect match!" 

Joy Keip – Marketing Manager NL polette

"Till now I've worked with Lynn Quanjel twice and both times this was a fantastic experience with awesome results. Lynn is a great and beautiful model with an amazing personality. I am looking forward to work together with her again."  

Ron de Wildt – Photographer

"Professional, kind and creative: Lynn is always a pleasure to work with."

Javier Llaudet – CEO Arrels Barcelona

"Ever since Lynn started working on our marketing and social media we have gained more followers, engagement and valuable visitors to our store. She has the quality to understand the vision of our brand immediately and knows how to communicate it to others. We are not letting her go anymore!" 

Eva Villalonga – CEO of Conceptstore Passage BCN

"Working with Lynn has been a pleasure form the beginning. Lynn is very professional, generous, perfectionistic. The quality of the content she creates is terrific and last but not least, the relationship with her is very easy and fluent, which helps to create even better results. She is always looking out for the best of the brand so we will always be grateful to her."

Nuria Hernández – Creative director Kiwi + Pomelo

"It was a pleasure to work with Lynn Quanjel, she is a true professional and to be honest one of the first bloggers I've worked with who has this professional work attitude. She is entrepreneurial, independent and also has the ability to understand the aesthetics / style of your brand." 

Annelotte Vos – Creative director SOTINE Jewelry

"Lynn is a fun and bubbly person to work with. That being said, it doesn’t mean she is less professional in her work. Lynn always works hard and a shoot with her will guarantee you some top notch results."

Bob Mans – Photographer, The Netherlands

Company Name: Bob Mans - Photographer, The Netherlands

"I had the pleasure of working with Lynn on a fashion and beauty project. She is absolutely lovely to work with and was the perfect fit for the styles planned for the shoot and really impressed. Lynn took direction very well and brought that little extra personality into the images. I will definitely be recommending her to clients and look forward to hopefully working with her again!"

Jeff Tuliniemi – Photographer, London

Company Name: Jeff Tuliniemi - Photographer, London