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PACKING LIKE A PRO | tips and tricks from a traveling model

October 8, 2017

You can say I became a real expert in packing my suitcase perfectly. I always struggled with putting everything I want to bring in one suitcase. And when that’s finally done, your bag is way too heavy… You can get to the limit of 20 kilos before you know it! With the following tips you are prepared to become a packing expert as well, no more stress before traveling!

Suitcase – Which one do I use?

When I first started travelling as a model I used a very heavy suitcase from Samsonite. Good quality, but not very useful if you need every single kilogram. Invest in a light weight suitcase, you definitely won’t regret it! The one I own now weights almost nothing by itself, this way I can use all of the 20 kg (or 23kg for long flights) for my clothing and other stuff.

Tip: extra bonus points if it has four wheels, this way your luggage is a lot easier to travel with. 

Clothes – What to bring?

Think about it: what did I wear in the last month? This is what you take with you, nothing more than that. If you did not wear it at home, you’re also not going to wear it somewhere else. (except when the weather conditions are different, of course).

Tip: start with the basics and then your favourite items.If you only travel for a week or less, try to re-arrange some outfit matches. This always really helps me. I try every outfit on beforehand and make a picture of it in the mirror so I remember the whole outfit together.

Tip: bring several accessories so you can mix and match, this can give one outfit several looks.

Airplane outfit – What to wear?

Wear the heaviest shoes you want to bring, for me that’s most of the time a pair of boots. Choose your biggest sweater and heaviest coat (maybe even a scarf?) to wear on the flight. This might be too hot, but you can always store it above your head. I always prefer to bring a sweater on the plane, because it can be damn cold in the air sometimes!

It even happened to me once that my bags were way too overweight, so I wore three jackets (you are allowed to have one in your hand while traveling)! It became sort of a personal challenge of mine to never pay extra for overweight luggage. I never lost the challenge so far!

Tip for the extra pro: bring a pair of compression travel socks for in the airplane, no one likes cold feet or swollen ankles (mine are from STOX Energy).

Weight – How do I pack?

Put the heaviest things in you carry on. I always try to put all of my shoes in it, but it can be books, belts, hot tools or whatever heavy things you want to bring. I hear you saying: ‘But there is also a limited of 10 kilograms for your carry-on!’. Yes .., I know, but ofcourse I have a trick for this. Most of the time they don’t weigh your carry-on (I just had it once), but just to be sure – don’t show it when you’re checking in. Try to leave it on the side, with a travel partner or with somebody who brought you to the airport.  After the check-in they can’t control the weight of your bag anymore!

Tip: don’t put an umbrella in your carry-on, they frequently want to check it and you have to re-pack everything, ugh annoying!

Little things – What did I forget?

In my experience it works the best for me to begin packing my stuff a few days before departure (but unfortunately that’s not always possible). I just leave my bag laying open in my room and every time I think of something I want to bring I just throw it in there. This way I almost never forget something. At the end when I’m almost done and only need to pack some little things I make a list before I go to sleep. At night when I can’t sleep is when I remember the little things, overthinking lol who else?

Tip: check multiple times if you packed the important stuff such as your passport, cards, money and chargers. (Guilty! I just had to buy a new charger at the airport because I forgot to bring mine to New York)

Toiletries – What about liquids?

When your bag is almost completely full and you’re almost done packing, it’s time for the toiletries. Again, make sure to only bring the necessities. You don’t need all kinds of masks and scrubs, and if you do, you can always buy it once you’re at your destination. The only liquids I put in my big suitcase are my day cream, foundation, makeup remover and body lotion. (sometimes shampoo and conditioner, but I buy it afterwards sometimes as well). Just because these are to big for my carry-on, so I have to. I put the rest of my smaller liquids in the little see-trough zip bag, which I put in my handbag. Saves weight, It’s all about the little things!

Tip: If you’re bag is still overweight, you can also put the rest of your makeup in your handbag or carry-on, but be careful with little scissors etc.

And that’s about it! all set and ready to go. I hope these tips and tricks were helpful and let me know if you have one I didn’t mention.



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