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3 reasons why I struggle with going to the gym and 3 ways I deal with it

July 2, 2017

It doesn’t matter which beauty perspective you prefer about body types: there’s one thing that is really important. Feeling awesome in your body. We all can’t deny that we gain a little weight during the winter. It’s just because of all those pastries from grandma during the holidays and drinking warm chocolate milk with cream because it’s cold that we gain maybe just a little bit (which is totally worth it btw). Now that summer’s getting closer we all want one thing: get our summer bodies back!! 

Get ready to sip on all those Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s while tanning on the beach and feeling super comfortable in your body and even being a little, wait I mean being SUPER, proud of it.

There is just one tiny thing that might cause the tiniest struggle.

The gym.

But hating the gym doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goals!

Actually, I like going to the gym from time to time. But sometimes I don’t feel like going to the gym. Which can have several reasons:

1. When I have to bike to my gym but it’s raining (and in Holland it rains a LOT) even when you least expect it.

2. I don’t like being stared at when I’m knackered and all sweaty. Even though nobody probably cares because, hey, it’s a gym and everyone is sweaty. But still, I don’t like the feels of having the odd feeling that everyone stares at you.

3. When I want to work out, but It’s just too much effort to actually go to the gym. (You have to bike, walk, drive before even getting started)

Well, here’s one thing that’s going to ease your mind: You don’t need the gym to do work outs!

If I’m being honest, I choose working out without being in the gym over working out in the gym. Working out can be SO EASY. Here are 3 of my best tips for working out that made me feel comfortable in my body without going to ANY gym:

1. Before getting dressed and doing anything, I start every day with drinking one glass of water and doing tummy exercises. On my yoga mat in my bedroom or even in my bed! It doesn’t even have to last 5 minutes. It gives me energy and gets me motivated to start the day! 5 minutes doesn’t seem much, but do so every morning of the week and enjoy the changes that you can see in your tummy <3

2. Jumping rope. I swear by it. I bring it with me literally everywhere I go. Since I travel a lot it’s sometimes hard to find a good gym. So I always bring my jumping rope. This is the best work out you can imagine. As a kid I did this a lot and was never exhausted. But when I started it again a couple of years ago I was so super exhausted after 30 seconds.. I know a lot of people can relate to this haha. The thing with the jumping rope is that you have to practice. Start with 30 seconds, have a break, and try again. You will notice that if you repeat this every day or every other day that soon enough you will become a pro a bit more every day!

3. My absolute favorite number 1 work out is: walking. Simply walking. I try to reach the 20.000 steps every day. This seems a lot but I’m quite busy all day. I prefer to walk to wherever I need to go instead of taking the bike if it’s an hour walk or less. If I didn’t reach my goal by the evening I’ll go for a walk on my own in the several parks or woods near my house. (It’s also a really cheap therapy, walking clears your mind<3). You can’t imagine how much weight you will loose by just walking, it has helped me a lot to get in shape!

Do you have some tips for working out without going to the gym? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,


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