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Entering Winter Wonderland

January 25, 2017

Last week I saw my chance: it was finally snowing! Me and Taria-ann decided to go on a small adventure and go to a beautiful nature area in the south of the Netherlands. In the middle of nowhere there is this cute small cottage/restaurant called ‘t Hijgend Hert: a perfect spot for a snowy saturday! It didn’t go as smooth as we planned though…

Winter Wonderland5

Apparently we weren’t the only ones that thought it was a good idea to go to this restaurant, which resulted in me having to parallel park in a slippery snowy road with 10 cars waiting behind me. Ups! After that I realized soon enough that it might have not been a smart move to wear my cute OTK heels. In the snow. In a forest. But in my defense: they are cute AF and they matched with my outfit #bloggerproblems. I felt like a true Survivor on Stilettos, right Tari? hahaha

Winter Wonderland

After sliding our way to the restaurant, it was time to warm up! Hot coco and onion soup it is <3

Winter Wonderland2't Hijgend Hert

Enjoying a warm drink by a fire place while watching the snow outside… isn’t that one of the most beautiful things in life? The perfect winter wonderland. Winter Wonderland LoveBlogger Babe survivor on stilettosFunootdWinter Wonderland

Get the Look:

Hat from Bershka

Coat from Cortefiel (Similar)

Dress from

OTK Boots from Zalando

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