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Discovery of the Week: Sensilis Day Cream

December 11, 2016

Okay perhaps this title isn’t completely correct: I started using the Skin Delight Day Cream of Sensilis a couple of months ago already, but it has kept surprising me with results for a while already, so I figured it deserved a spotlight as well. So let’s call this… the discovery of autumn?

It all started when I was about to start my tour but my night cream was almost finished, so I jumped into my pile of beauty products and found this cream from Sensilis. To be honest I didn’t even realize it was a day cream, I just needed something hydrating on my face so I took it with me and used it as a night cream. sensilis-day-creamI’m not even joking, my skin became SO insanely soft right after the first night of using it. My mind was BLOWN. It seemed like my blemishes were healing faster than usual and my skin got a nice glow…. what is this sorcery? I am still using this cream every night, and sometimes I even apply it extra thick so it gets an ‘overnight mask’ vibe. I also got their black exfoliator so I’m gonna try that next… let’s hope it works just as good as their day cream! Anyways, absolutely loving this brand and recommending it to everyone. No more words needed <3

Have you ever heard of the brand Sensilis before? Which Day/Night Cream do you guys use?

Lots of Love,


P.s. One of my other discoveries is this amazing restaurant in Barcelona: Tia Santa! Check it out. 

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