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New Editorial in C-Heads Magazine! My top 10 fav pictures

October 31, 2016

I can’t believe how well my tour has been going! After my editorial for Point Seven Mach in London, I now scored an exclusive publication in C-Heads Magazine during my stay in Amsterdam! Go me! The pictures down below are my top 10 favorites of the shoot I did with Jaimie Peeters. Not all of them are published in the editorial so I still wanted to share them with you guys! :)

Generator Amsterdam2 Generator Amsterdam1

Do you see those booties? I coincidentally scored them just the day before at Timberland! Good thing they turned out to be the perfect fit for this look :)

Generator Amsterdam

This location is the entry hall of the Generator Hostel in Amsterdam. Aren’t the three neon keys the perfect background? I was staying here for my tour and I got so excited by this interesting building that me and Jaimie decided to do the shoot here.

Who is that Blonde Jaimee Peeters1

Shoutout to the amazing stylist Dieudonnee Bouwman for the fab looks btw. Who would have ever thought of using a belt as a choker? YOU ARE BRILLIANT YOU WEIRDO

Jaimie Peeters C-Heads Magazine3

Oh and before I forget, in case you want to see the rest of the editorial (with waayy more pictures), make sure to check out the original publication over at C-Heads Magazine! Click here

“During my tour through Europe I stumbled upon the Generator Hostel in Amsterdam. They had taken on a challenging project to turn around an old university building of health sciences: modernizing it without losing the essence of the location.

As a place where history and modernity come together, this inspiring building was the starting point of our photoshoot. This series is all about mixing up the centuries. A bit of the old, a bit of the new. A series where nostalgic vintage meets modern design. A series where Victorian fashion fits perfectly with graphic illustrations and where dreamy lace seamlessly blends into neon lights.

The classroom became a lounge, the entrance turned into a trendy restaurant, and the old hallways have more visitors than ever. Look around you. History is Alive.”

C-Heads Magazine1 C-Heads Magazine2 C-Heads Magazine

And that was it! Which one is your favorite picture?

Photography: Jaimie Peeters

Stylist: Dieudonnee Bouwman

Muah: Evelien Dopheide

Model: Lynn Quanjel

Location: Generator Hostel Amsterdam 

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Lynn likes writing, food (lots of it) and cuddling cute doggies on the street. tells the story of her life as a travelling fashion journalist and model, including all inevitable adventures that come with it.

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