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The reasons why models never wear make-up

October 12, 2016

Like every other girl I used to love wearing make-up before I became a full-time model: bye bye dark circles, hello pretty cheekbones! Am I right? Every now and then I did some shoots and I absolutely LOVED to walk around with the shoot make-up for the rest of the day because I felt so pretty. However, as soon as I started my full time modelling career after university, I quickly started to understand why the rest of the models I was hanging out with were never wearing make-up.

The very first – and the most obvious – reason is the fact that when you are working in another country and  you are going to castings all day long, the casting directos want to see your most natural self: like a blank canvas which they can still shape to their specific needs. If you are already wearing make-up to a casting it might be harder for them to imagine what you would look like with a different type of make-up. The same counts for clothes by the way: we always have to wear the most basic outfit, preferably black because it makes us look skinnier.

Second of all, if you are a part-time model (like I was while studying) it surely is lots of fun to wear beautiful shoot make-up all day long. However, when you have to deal with all these layers of chemicals on a daily basis, it’s not that fun anymore. After 2 months of being a full-time model I started developing a light version of acne, which I still didn’t get rid of. Note: photoshoot make-up is much heavier than daily make-up because the flashes of a camera make the make-up less visible – which the make-up artist has to compensate for with heavier make-up. Every time my skin is finally calming down, I have another shoot of which the make-up makes my pores clog up all over again. So that beautiful make-up everyone would be jealous of? Not all that great. I promise.

Last but not least, since it is our job to have a good skin (and look good in general), models tend to be more aware of how to take care of themselves. Not only when it comes to workouts and food, but also definitely skincare. We know very well what will happen to our skin in the future if we don’t treat it right, so we start with prevention much earlier than most of the girls. Make-up is in fact quite damaging for the skin and will make your skin get older quicker, that’s definitely something we don’t want to happen any time soon! By not wearing make-up in our free time we try to compensate for all the shooting hours we are wearing heavy make-up. Hopefully that will keep our skin younger for a bit longer.

So the next time you see a tall, skinny girl dressed in black and wearing no make-up… I can assure you she is a model! Did you already know these reasons? Will you start wearing less make-up from now on? Leave a comment!

Lots of Love,


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