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Behind the Scenes of a Commercial Spot!

June 26, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Last week I was booked for a commercial spot/campaign of SyNeo, and it was shot on the most beautiful location ever! Did you ever wonder what it looks like to be behind the scenes of a commercial shooting? I made a photo diary for you guys! 

Behind the Scenes5

The first outfit was shot on the terrace of an amazing house close to Tossa de Mar, in the middle of nature and on the edge of the ocean… WOW!

Behind the Scenes11

THOSE VIEWS OMGBehind the Scenes10

Filming the movement of my dress as I walk on the most beautiful terrace in the world :)

Behind the Scenes3

These guys are taking their video angles very seriously!

Behind the Scenes8

WOOSH Free like a bird :)

Behind the Scenes12

For the second outfit we went to the patio of the house, which had some serious #interiorgoals …. I want those lamps!

Behind the Scenes6

The pink ´IT-girl´ look! If you pay attention you might notice that the color palette of this shoot is White & Pink because of the logo of the brandBehind the Scenes7

On the shots it always looks like I´m all alone, but no one ever sees the full production team behind the scenes!

Behind the Scenes16

Besides looking serious, I´m also allowed to smile and be silly every now and then :) You know… Just randomly sitting in my huge mansion listening some music and having fun ;) Behind the Scenes15

The next look was the ´tanning in my bikini´ shot! The bright sunlight was creating a very strong contrast which didn´t look good on camera, so the whole team had to help out with holding light diffusers

Behind the Scenes15

Feeling like a pink Diva Behind the Scenes14Behind the Scenes17

Getting directions from the producer. I was having a hard time during these shots because the white floor was functioning like a HUGE reflection screen. Try keeping your eyes open with all that bright light on your face! In the end the result was pretty awesome though, totally worth it :)

Behind the Scenes4


Behind the Scenes17

Now it was my turn to get into the pool, and it was COLD I can tell you! But don´t forget to smile like you are having the most tropical fun :D

Behind the Scenes2Behind the Scenes

BOOM! Those final shots are quite different from the rest… but isn´t that white wig SUPER cool?! Too bad I couldn´t take it home with me hahaBehind the Scenes16

Behind the Scenes13

And that was the final look! What do you guys think of the behind the scenes shots? The commercial will be out in Germany this August so I cannot wait to see it! I will make sure to post it on the blog to share it with you guys, let´s see how different the behind the scenes will be from the final results :)

Lots of Love, 


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  • Reply Lucas Bakx July 1, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    Looks awesome! Really professional set. Curious about the end video.

    • Reply LynnQuanjel July 1, 2016 at 11:22 pm

      Thanks!! me too haha :D

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