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Inspirations: Bloggers to Follow on IG

March 9, 2016

Bloggers cannot be pictured out of the society anymore nowadays, they are the influencers of the 21st century! There are so many that it’s hard to decide which ones are worthy of following on Instagram, that’s why I selected three of my favorites for you to check out! Get ready to be inspired by these talented powerwomen:


This gorgeous Swedish Fashion- & Travelblogger makes beautiful pictures of her adventures. Photography + food + nature + fashion = best combination ever! Her feed is fun to follow and makes you dream of going to experience the world on your own.
Angelica Blick 2
Angelica Blick1Angelica Blick

Angelica Blick3











This Dutchie is responsible for the brilliant blog ‘Chapter Friday’ and has a beautiful feed filled with inspirational pictures of interior and fashion. Yara has a gorgeous smile which immediately brightens your day and you will want to buy everything she posts, because yes, her taste is THAT good.

Yara Michels 2

Yara MichelsYara Michels 1




























Living in Paris definitely gives Alexandra Pereira the perfect feels for elegant fashion and photography hotspots! All of her pictures are top quality and mostly show her travel locations, food addiction and casual classy outfits… love it!


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