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Fall Make-up Trends

September 26, 2015

Move over Smokey Eyes! After years of smudgy eye make-up in Fall, it’s time for something new, something fresh! After doing some research I was able to distinguish two specific make-up trends which we will be seeing a lot these months:

Make-up Trend #1: Embrace your Natural Beauty
Women are strong and beautiful! This trend is all about celebrating the female natural beauty,
Especially pure skin is very important in this beauty look. If you have a good skin, all you need is a moisturizing BB or CC cream. If you prefer to do some ‘touch ups’ before going for a light foundation I would recommend using the Concealer Kit of Bobbi Brown. What’s great about this concealer is the fact that it’s very creamy, so it moisturizes the skin and gives a natural glow. Finish off the pure skin look with a pink blush to create a healthy and fresh look.

The eyeshadows are kept neutral with earthy tones such as brown, beige, bronze and gold. The lips are beautiful in a natural soft pink color (my personal favorite is ‘Mellow Rose’ from Max Factor Lipfinity). A great day-to-night switch is replacing the soft pink color for a deep burgundy red… it will give a fun touch! Last but not least: don’t pluck your eyebrows but instead leave them proud and bushy à la Cara Delevigne. There you go, with these few simple steps you got the natural beauty look down!

Make-up Trend #2: Graphic Eyes
The fashion houses sure got creative with black eyeliner for this fall! You can vary between a smudgy black kohl pencil to true art pieces. Do you have a hard time with getting your lines perfect (don’t we all…)? Sephora created the perfect solution with its multi-branded eyeliner kit with different types of liners! Get into the varying possibilities of the liners and just start experimenting, it’s supposed to be fun! Are you worried that pitch black is too dark for your eyes or skin type? Kat von D got you covered: she created a trio package with a black, navy blue and espresso brown liner.

For this specific beauty look it is important for the eyes to pop, which is why the rest of the face is kept very light and neutral. No surprise we find the pure skin look again, just like the fresh blush on the cheeks. For the lips there is not the option to go burgundy red since then the make-up look would get too busy.Fall make-up trends

Personally I am quite excited about these trends since they will fit with anyone and they are very open for interpretation! I know that many of us just have their ‘signature make-up look’ of which we know it looks good on us. But seriously guys, let’s try to get out of our comfort zones and have fun!

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